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Be sure to check back here frequently to see what news updates, blog posts, or other news worthy new media that Proscreens has been involved in. We are a London and Surrey based projector and screen hire and AV sound hire company. We are open 7 Days a Week Proscreens Surrey Spelthorne Lane, Ashford, Middlesex. TW151UH United Kingdom 0845 309 6369 Audio Visual Equipment Rental Service Audio Visual hire google+

LCD vs. Plasma vs. Projector Display Devices

LCD vs. Plasma vs. Projector Display Devices Do I need an LCD TV, a Plasma TV or a projector? Consumers shopping for an electronic display device for their home theatre, business presentation, corporate boardroom or classroom now have more choice than ever before. Reductions in prices coupled with innovations in display technology have meant that […]

DLP Projectors

DLP Projectors LCD and DLP projector technology There are two main types of multimedia projector technology on the market available to consumers which most people considering a new projector will have heard of: LCD technology and DLP technology. When buying a new projector this is frequently one of the first decisions you will make: should […]

Keystone Correction Explained

Keystone Correction Explained What is keystone correction and why is keystoning a problem? If you are in the market for a new projector, you will no doubt have spent time studying the technical specifications of the projectors you are interested in, and seeing how these projector attributes compare. These technical specifications and how they differ […]

What is projector zoom?

What is projector zoom? Information about Projector Zoom What is projector zoom? Projector zoom refers to the capabilities of a projector’s zoom lens, a component now common among the majority of projector models. Zoom lenses allow for the size of the projected image to be adjusted without physically moving the projector. You may have seen […]

LCD projector’s

The LCD projector’s contrast ratio: The higher the figure for an LCD projector’s contrast ratio, the brighter the image that will be projected on to the screen. The LCD projector’s throw distance: A projector’s throw distance is the length that the image can be projected – basically the maximum distance between the projector’s lens and […]

Guildford AV Hire

Guildford AV Hire Proscreens setup a complete conference production in Guildford. For the event we supplied 3 smart Led Screens. They all connected together using hdmi to cat 6 converters. The sound consisted of two Mackie speakers along with radio microphones and lapel microphones . In total for this Guildford event we hired them 4 […]

Harrods knightsbridge Screen Hire

Harrods knightsbridge Screen Hire Many a time Proscreens has provided screens at Harrods in Knightsbridge in London.  This has been for a variety of companies, ranging from fashion, bag and babywear companies.  Being a regular supplier of AV equipment to different companies with in the Harrods store we totally understand Harrods procedure and policy involved […]

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