Short Throw Projector Hire

NEC M300XS XGA (1024 x 768) LCD projector – 3000 ANSI lumens NEC short throw projector

A short throw projector hire is a special type of projector hire which has been specifically designed to project larger images when there is only a very small distance between the projector and the projection screen. This can be for cosmetic reasons – i.e. that the projector needs to be hidden, or the reason can simply be a room size constraint. Short throw projector hire


 Present with ease using the NEC M300XS, a value-driven, eco-friendly portable projector that delivers an ideal short throw distance

NEC PA550 With 0.08 Short Throw Lens

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Throw distance can be worked out by simply measuring the distance between the projector and the screen it is projecting on to. A typical projector throw distance – to ensure an optimal image size – is one foot of screen width for every two feet between the projection screen and the projector

NEC’s 5500-lumen PA550W is a widescreen, advanced professional installation model that appeases corporate and higher education users. With integrated RJ45,

What is the difference between short throw and long throw lenses?

The physical shape of the projector lens is what differentiates short throw and long throw lenses. The lens’s shape radically alters the size of the image projected. A long throw lens can keep the projected image small and tight when the projector is placed far away from the screen. This type of lens is applicable in situations like a church where the projector needs to be placed hidden away at the back of the building. If this type of lens was not used then the projected image would appear too large and too unclear. Similarly, if a short throw lens was not implemented in situations where the projector is placed close the screen then the image would appear too small to be read clearly. In a short throw projector, the lens is slightly bent to allow an image of a greater size to be projected.

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