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At Proscreens we still have 35mm cinema projectors for hire. The 35mm projector was common in every cinema throughout the country for over a century. Now with the new Digital projection technology, 35mm projectors are a thing of the past. Here at Proscreens we still have a few that are able to run films or as props .  All our old Cinema projectors have been used on a film shoot or a TV commercial. Maybe you have some 35mm film print that needs running or a film is not available on DCI digital Cinema Projectors only on 35mm?  At Proscreens we have the capability to hire projectors with long playing systems (Tower ) and Dolby Digital sound systems.

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At Proscreens we’ve had the pleasure of working with film companies and TV companies and cinemas using our 35mm machines and projectionist services.  We are able to hire you the right vintage projector for your era or the right projector for screen size required.

We can offer a realm of vintage and modern cinema equipment from our “Aladdin’s Cave” of stock accumulated over many years for use as props – all in full working order.

35mm Cinema Film Projector Hire

35mm (2.35 / 1.85 / 1.66 / 1.37:1)

e.g. Spools, Cans Splicers,  Projectors and old films

16mm – 35mm – 70mm
Screen with Front and Rear Projection.

35MM Projectors – 1k to 7k Xenon, supplied to any location.

16mm and 35mm portable projectors hire.

35mm portable projector hire

Video projection – 1k to 5k, supplied to and location.

35mm Cinema film projectors for hire

film projectors for hire film

Film Facts

35mm film projectors travels at 90 feet per minute, 24 frames (still pictures) per second (fps)
or, if you prefer, 1.5 ft per second
Each foot of film consists of 16 frames
Just over 1.022 miles of film is projected per hour

This means that 1440 frames are shown every minute from a 35mm projector, or 86400 frames per hour with a 35mm projector and tower or cake stand

35mm Cine Equipment hire

The period of time required to move one frame away from the aperture, and bring the next frame in is
1/96 second

During this period of movement the light from the arc is cut off by use of a revolving shutter
If the light was not cut of during this movement then you would observe streaking (ghosting) on the screen caused
by the pull down movement being projected

The film is then stationary, and the light is allowed to shine through the film, and project onto
the screen

During this stationary time the light is again cut off for another 1/96th second by a second blade
on the shutter

This uprates the flicker from 24 to 48 times a second (hertz)

The reason that the light is cut off twice is that if it was only cut 24 times per second there
would be noticeable flicker on the screen

By cutting it off 48 times this flicker is not noticed, except on very, very bright scenes

This is why the shutter is often called ‘The Flicker Shutter’

The film frame is actually only projected onto the screen for 1/32nd of a second
For a more detailed explanation please click HERE
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16mm projectors runs at 24 fps, a speed of 36 feet per minute, or 40 frames per foot

To find running time of 16mm film projector divide the film length in feet by 36
This will give the minutes as a whole number and a decimal
Make a note of the whole number, and multiply the decimal by 60 to get seconds
Add this total to the whole number

For example
The running time for 374ft of 16mm
374 divide by 36 = 10.388
0.388 X 60 = 2328
Running time = 10mins 23secs

Our vintage 35mm cinema projectors are used for props for film and TV sets. We have Cinema projectors from the 1940. All the vintage projectors are in good working order and can run films

Projector Hire

We stock over 26 types of projectors ready for rental. From small Laptop projectors with VGA and HDMI  to large full HD HDMI or SDI projectors and Cinema film projectors. Call or email today for more information on how to hire a projector.

Projectors ranging from 2200 to 20000 lumens, some are very simple to set up and are compatible with all makes of notebooks and Laptops, Blu-ray & DVD Players and desktop computers. We only stock the best brands

We offer our clients free on site setup and demonstration with all our hired projectors. Each projector is  tested before every Hire or event ensuring  reliability. All projectors come with the cables VGA and HDMI

We offers a great range of projectors for hire from a selection of the best projector brands in the world. Proscreens is the leading name in projector hire  with years of Cinema projector experience. We providing projectors for Hire for corporate events, seminars, meetings and films shows. We can help you with all aspects of projector hire and event projection operations, backed by over 29 years experience in cinema projection,

Projector hire for every event. We supply and install the latest projectors for conferences, presentations and special events using the latest technology from the lead manufactures to ensure the best quality presentation. Digital cinema projectors are capable of creating massive Screens sizees

Projector performance from 2000 – 15,000 ANSI Lumens.

Digital  Projector Hire

We have projectors for hire suitable for any event including small to large meetings, conferences, exhibitions, race nights, film shows (DVD or blu ray) The projection equipment hired is delivered by a technician and setup for you. We do not just deliver and leave you to work it out yourselves. On bigger events we are more than happy to stay and run the equipment if you wish? There are no extra cost surprises, what you are quoted over the phone or email is the price you pay !!  All projector deliveries are made by a technician and not sent by courier services. So if there was to be a problem we would be on hand to help. We stock projectors from 2700 ANSI to 20.000 1920 x 1080 resolution – 20,000 lumens We can supply  Blu-Ray, DVD Players all projector can work with Apple Mac

Let us help you pick the right projector hire for the job or budget ?

  As a family run company we pride ourselves with the ability to provide a personal and professional projector hire service. The Surrey Proscreens family Team have been working with projectors screens and Sound in Cinemas for 29 years. From film Projectors to Digital projection. and sound. Having gathered this vast knowledge of equipment, it gives us a head start in finding out which Projector would be best to hire for your event. projectors and screens can be hired or can be delivered in Surrey and London by a technician and set up for you to your Laptop or mac computer . we promise is we will never just deliver the projector you have hired  and leave you to work it out yourselves; our AV engineers will work with you to make sure you get the image you need


Projector for Hire

Small professional multimedia Projector Hire 2,600 ANSI Lumens
LCD Data Projector 3,100 ANSI Lumens
multimedia Projector 2,000 ANSI Lumens

Full HD DLP Projector 3,100 ANSI Lumens
LCD Data Projector 7,500 ANSI Lumens comes with technicians


35mm cinema projector hire up to 10k

 It’s not always easy to work out which projector to Hire or the right one to suit your needs and there are many considerations that need to be taken into account ? 

 Full HD  Projector Hire
 powerful projectors in all kinds of sizes
NEC’s PE401H is designed for conference and event utilizing the latest 1080p DLP chip set from TI. 3D Ready technology on the HDMI inputs, high-contrast images (2000:1) DLP(R) engine featuring Brilliant Color™technology with improved color accuracy.

HD Projector hire | High definition Projector hire for TV and film projections Outdoor projections.  we can also supply digital projectors, cinema projectors, video & DVD screens, but also a first class PA  system

  • we deliver, we install it for you.
  • Top quality equipment.
  • Specialists in Sound and Projection

Projector Rent Projector Hire Projector Rental Sound System Rent Sound System Hire Sound System

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