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Proscreens Screen Hire.

We pride ourselves on offering a personal, professional quality driven Screen hire service. We have a very large selection of screens for rental to independent companies and private customers throughout the UK. Big screen hire for presentations. Whether it’s work related or making a private event more special, we have the right size screen hire for you.  We’ve been doing screen hire for over 14 years and offer the right screens for your events.

Screen Hire sizes

We have projector screens for hire from 6ft to 30ft and TV Screen hire From 50″ to 100″

We have in stock a wide selection of screens for hire, with sizes to cater for all types of events From film screenings and conferences and private events. Projection screens are an integral part of presenting crisp, bright large images from the projector.  Projection screens can be projected from the front of the screen or from the rear. Front projection is the most common.

Projector Hire and Screen Hire
16x9 screen hire
Mobile Cinema Screen Hire

Rear projection screen Hire


Screen Hire , while rear projection is good for high light environments or where space is at a premium. Rear projection is also better for health and safety reasons as all the leads and equipment are behind the screen and away from the public.

Small screens for Hire

We hire small tripod projection screens  to large Folding screens and cinema screens.

Small Screen Hire
Projector Screen Hire

We are quite happy for anyone to hire a 6 foot screen as dry hire. Anything above 6ft we only offer a delivery and setup service. This is to ensure that all screens are kept in tiptop working order and clean. Unfortunately we do not dry hire our screens to other audiovisual companies. All our screens are in nearly new perfect order.  We do have some old stock for the more obscure set up in places that may be a little dirty.

We have many sizes of screens to choose from. Most screens are front or rear projection.

Big screen Hire

These are the two main screen aspect ratios around – the traditional 4:3 and its modern wide screen 16:9 (1.78:1) successor, used in HD television or the cinema. Conversion between formats can be accomplished by either cropping the image to fit the receiving format’s ratio or adding black bars to retain the original format’s

Screen sizes are the actual picture size. The height of the whole screen will be higher due to legs that it comes mounted on from 1ft from the ground to 6ft in the air to the bottom of the screen

  • 54 x 74”137 x 188cm 4:3 Tripod screen front 
  •  4.5 x 8′142 x 244cm 16:9 Celexon Screen Hire  front / rear
  •  6 x 8’183 x 244cm Fastfold Screen front / rear
  • 4:3  6 x 10′175 x 305cm 16:9 Fastfold Screen Rentals front / rear
  •  7.5 x 10’229 x 305cm 4:3 Celexon Screen front / rear  
  •  7 x 12′211 x 366cm 16:9 Fasfold screen Hire front / rear
  •   9 x 12’274 x 366cm 4:3 Fastfold Screen
  •   8′ x 14′244 x 427cm 16:9 Celexon Screen front / rear 
  •  10.5 x 14’320 x 427cm 4:3 Fastfold Screen front / rear

Cinema Screen Hire 25ft wide x 15ft  2:35 :1 4:3  Cinema Screen

Inflatable screen Hire for open air cinema

  • AIRSCREEN 20ft x 15ft 
  • AIRSCREEN 30ft

TV Screen Hire

We offer a TV screen hire service throughout London, Surrey and Hampshire.  Our screen hire includes: TV screen (choice of sizes available), professional stand, and leads suitable for all input sources.

Here at TV Hire London we also hire a huge stock of TV screens including the most popular
TV screen hire sizes 42″, 50″ 58″ 60″ 65″ and 70″. 

We offer various packages for your needs. Conferencing screens with conferencing sound services such as presentation displays equipment, projectors and projector screens, conferencing  presentations.

All of our AV equipment is hired to you having been PAT tested and delivered complete.


We offer clean Full HD resolution Screen hire as standard and all screens have a 16:9 (widescreen) aspect ratio. Our plasma screen hire service lets you in on a seamless plasma TV screen experience. Proscreens AV only chooses the best plasma TV screen units available and offers a sharp quality regardless of your viewing distance. Our LCD & Plasma screen hire includes the option of a stand with  lockable wheels to present your brand and message in a more professional manner.


Proscreens Screen hire in London and Surrey is a independent Surrey and London companies and private customers throughout the UK

When a portable projection screen hire is required, Fast-Fold is the professional choice. Compact, highly portable, sizes to meet all projection formats, assembly without tools and interchangeable surfaces for both front and rear projection, Fast-Fold screens give the maximum in adjustability height for all situations. True colour, contrast and surface flatness for perfect image sharpness

We can help you with information on selecting the right projector hire, screen hire and sound system or TV screen hire for your event. Screens Suppliers near Surrey

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