Proscreens Screen Hire. We pride ourselves on offering a personal, professional quality driven Screen hire service. independent companies and private customers Throughout UK. big screen hire for presentation. Whether it’s work related or making a private event more special, we have the screen hire for you!

Screen Hire We have in stock a wide selection of screens for hire, with sizes to cater for all types of events From film screenings and conferences and private events. Projection screens are an integral part of presenting crisp, bright large images from the projector. Projection screens can be projected from the front of the screen or from the rear. Front projection is the most common, while rear projection is good for high light environments or where space is at a premium. Rear projection is better for health and safety reasons as all the leads and equipment are behind the screen and away from the public

Screen Hire sizes

We have Screens for hire from 6ft to 40ft

Big screen hire UK

Small screens for Hire

We hire small tripod projection screens Hire to large Folding screens and cinema screens. We have many sizes of screens to choose from. Most screens are front or rear projection.

Big screen Hire

Screen sizes are the actual picture size. The height of the whole screen will be higher due to legs that it comes mounted on.

6ft small screen hire 6 ’ x 4’ / 183cm x 122cm

    • 6’ x 7’ / 183cm x 213cm Fastfold Front Rear Projection Screen Hire
    • 8ft screen hire’ x 6’ / 244cm x 183cm
    • 7.5’ x 10’ / 229cm x 305cm
    • 9’ x 12’ / 274cm x 366cm
    • Screen Hire 10’ x 14’ / 320cm x 427cm
    • Screen Hire Size: 22′ x 29′ (670 x 884cm)
  •   36′ x 48′ (1097 x 1463cm)

– 16:9 Wide screen Ratio Screen Hire

    •  5’ x 9’ / 152cm x 274cm
    •  7’ x 12’ / 211cm x 366cm
    •  8ft x 14’ / 244cm x 427cm
    •  9ft x 16’ / 294cm x 508cm
  •  25ft wide x 15ft

fast fold screen da-lite

Screen sizes are the actual picture size. The height of the whole screen will be higher due to legs that it comes mounted on.

When a portable projection screen is needed for Hire, Fast-Fold Screen is the professional choice of screen . Compact, highly portable, sizes to meet all projection formats, assembly without tools and interchangeable surfaces for both front and rear projection, Fast-Fold screens hire give the maximum in adjustability for all situations. big portable screen hire

fastfold screen rental

Cinema Screen Hire 25ft wide x 15ft  cinema projection screen hire

Wide screen formats 16:9 (scope cinema size) 2:35 :1

4:3  = (wide screen 1:85 cinema format)

Useful information about hiring a screen

Screen sizes

screen sizes are determined by so many different factors. The most important factor is the size of the venue most importantly is the floor to ceiling size. and also if you’re hiring just a screen what size projector do you have will determine the screen size.

Room conditions

If the room that you intend to use the screen it’s very bright it may be a consideration to hire a TV screen or LED screen instead. Projection screens do work in the light but only under normal light conditions and Conference conditions

The displayed width of an image divided by its height. A bit too much like maths? Okay does your picture look square or more like a letterbox? These are the two main screen aspect ratios around – the traditional 4:3 and its modern wide screen 16:9 (1.78:1) successor, used in HD television or the cinema. Conversion between formats can be accomplished by either cropping the image to fit the receiving format’s ratio or adding black bars to retain the original format’s

Projector screen and speaker hire projector cinema screen HIRE

We hire Blu-ray and DVD players typically to go alongside a Hire of a  LCD or LED tv screen and projector screen for Mobile Cinema and film shows

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