Outdoor Advertising

Our is able to shows adverts throughout the day. All the advertising trailers and trucks can be used to show directions or imparting information at a big event. The screen makes it a cost-effective mobile billboard and is a lot cheaper than printing a big outside poster. The outdoor advertising trailer or truck can be deployed within 20 minutes. The outdoor screen can take various inputs. Such as laptop and a media stick. The screen also has a connection to connect to an outside broadcasting camera.. The screens have been used to advertise new opening venues, outside health and safety messages by the beaches  and also parking information. 

LED Screen truck Hire
outside Screen and Stage Hire

Our outdoor LED information screen hire is a perfect choice to display messages beside a stage or in front of a venue forecourt to display information you may need to relay to your customers.  The screen can be deployed for various uses like showgrounds and racetracks so the public can see what is going on, on another part of the course.

Billboard Printing for Temporary Events

Billboard printing for temporary events and outdoor signage.   Many years ago if you wanted to display a big message this was generally done by printing a billboard but with modern LED technology we have the screens that can connect to a laptop and run powerpoint presentations throughout the day without the cost of printing a billboard and making a structure.  The outdoor advertising screen is fully waterproof and is quite happy to get wet throughout the day.  It is more cost effective that printing outdoor posters and billboards. 

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