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At Proscreens we use cutting-edge technology for indoor cinema and outdoor cinemas.  In fact, we have so many different packages to suit different environments and budgets.  Over the past 15 years, we have done so many different kinds of events from hiring a digital projector for a film premiere, to setting up screens both LED and outdoor projection screens for both film shows and sporting events.  
Over the last 5-years, the outdoor cinema industry has hit the UK in a big way. It suffers from so many different variables though that can affect the success of an outdoor cinema.  The three major considerations for any outdoor cinema are film choice, weather, and the wind. But still, by the law of averages, most outdoor popup cinemas are still successful. But when booking any outdoor Pop-Up Cinema the three factors do need to be considered. If you consider that this is too risky then an indoor pop-up cinema has slightly more advantages in the fact that you can show the film multiple times throughout the day. But with the outdoor Pop-Up projection cinema, you are limited to after dark which in the summer is very late especially in June when you have the longest day.  You cannot start a film screening until at least 10 pm.  We do have  LED outdoor screens for showing the film during the day, however, these are much more costly to hire
and able to compete with the sun. Our opinion of the film is that they most enjoyed it when the light is low much like the traditional UK cinema experience.
Below is a few examples of our pop-up and mobile cinema solutions and our outdoor cinema screens.  If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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We’ve been supplying Pop-Up Cinema for the last 15 years doing all kinds of events throughout the UK. For the last five years in general pop-up Cinemas have been very popular and successful. Pop-Up Cinema is a way of getting film choices into village halls and social events especially in rural areas where cinema is limited and people have to travel miles to get to their large multiplex cinema. It is a very good way of bringing a community together and getting people out especially for those who are lonely and isolated. We can supply pop-up cinema for both indoors and outdoors. The advantage with us if you have an outdoor and the weather turns bad you know that Proscreens will have something that can be used inside too. We have a large stock of different kinds of screens for both indoors and outdoors so we will always have a screen to fit your audience size or your venue. Pop-up cinema is also used by the corporate world to get their message across to the public about their brands. Corporate companies have hired us in the past and have done a free pop-up a screening in order to bring in the public as a way of advertising or giving something back to the community. As well as corporate companies we have always supplied for schools, hospitals and also sheltered housing complexes, for people who find it hard to get to a cinema or a cinema is not accessible.

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We have supplied Pop-Up Cinema Hire throughout the UK for promotional use and for community use and charity events. If you need any more information on how to set up a Pop-Up Cinema or technical advice about hiring a Pop-Up Cinema please get in touch. We have a vast array of cinema equipment and Cinema technical knowledge suitable for any Pop-Up Cinema event.

Let the cinema come to you. Mobile Cinema is ideal for fundraisers, functions, and events and can be set up wherever you like. So why not turn your local school, hall, into a unique cinema for the night.

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Below is some videos of examples of outdoor cinema Pop Up Cinema and pop-up cinema screenings inside