TV  Hire and Stands

We stock high definition professional smart LED TV and LCD and LED screens from Samsung, Sharp and Sony including 6ft eye level stands. Plasma TV Hire or LCD screens deliver a crisp and complete image with the highest quality HD TV image. 42, 50″ and 60″ 70 and big 75″ inch available. All LCD and LED TVs are Full HD with HDMI and USB inputs

 TV Hire Screen

All Prices for include Delivery, set up, power cables, connection cables and 6ft floor stand with laptop shelf as standard. Our unique screen delivery system means all screens are delivered intact and ready to go

 Gone the days of the customers being left with a unsightly flight case or missing parts. All screens are new which is an advantage. As all modern smart HD 1080p screens are lightweight. Which enables our technician to be able to lift them on the stands up the stairs. A  screen or LCD screen is a brilliant way to display your brand, product or to educate your audience

LED or LCD Screen Hire

Our friendly staff at Proscreens can advise you on what type of Screen would be best suited to your purposes your are welcome to give us a call

 All the screens come with stands HDMI leads or VGA cables, Mac adapters. If you need a DVD Player or Blu-ray player we can supply these at no extra cost.

We offer a plasma screen hire service throughout London, our screen hire includes: plasma screen (choice of sizes available), professional stand, and leads suitable for all input sources Here at Proscreens Hire London we also hire a huge stock of plasma screens including the most popular plasma screen hire sizes 50″ 60″ and 120″. Our plasma screens are all HD  and have inbuilt freeview. All screens are supplied on  professional commercial trolleys/stands and have all input connections required whether you are connecting a laptop, DVD player or TV ariel we can also supply splitters allowing one source to multiple plasma screens if you have a multiple plasma hire or another output source such as a projector and digital screen hire

We offer clean Full HD resolution Screen hire as standard and all screens have a 16:9 (widescreen) aspect ratio. Our plasma screen hire service lets you in on a seamless plasma TV screen experience. Proscreens AV only chooses the best plasma TV screen units available and offers a sharp quality regardless of your viewing distance. Our LCD & Plasma screen hire includes the option of a stand with either flat base or lockable wheels to present your brand and message in a more professional manner. Table mount stands are also available. You will also be supplied with the appropriate cabling to connect to either DVD players or a computer

    • 6ft TV and  stands with Wheels,
    • Telescoping post  allows for height adjustment
    • TV screens can be mounted in portrait or landscape orientation
    • Adjustable  shelf and can be positioned in front or back to hide components
    • Caster base with four locking, non-scuffing 4” wheels provides safe and easy movement over any surface
    • Long VGA or HDMI cables included
    • LCD plasma screen hire TV Surrey London
    • rent 50 inch TV London
  • hire large screen TV

Portrait Plasma and LED Screen hire

Here at Prosceens we’ve had the pleasure of providing TV LED and Plasma services for companies such as the NHS in London and Home Counties, BBC London, EDF Energy in Essex, The Guardian, Ebay in Surrey and UK Power Networks Services along with hundreds of other independent companies and private customers throughout London, Surrey and Hampshire. Needing to hire a screen for there event.

Smart TV Hire

These days, most mid to high range TVs we hire will have Smart functionality with Vga .  In order to access the extra features offered by a Smart TV hire the venue will need some sort of internet connection. Most Smart TVs will feature an Ethernet port on the back allowing you to plug it directly into your  broadband router.  Some models are also capable of accessing Wi-Fi either using built in hardware or a USB dongle (usually an optional extra) that plugs in the back. Either way, once your TV is connected, you will have access to a whole range of on-line services. tv screen hire London

LCD or Plasma Screen Hire

Plasma hire London full HD LCD and Plasma for hire full HD 1080p 50 inch, Full HD and 3D plasma screens for hire, all full HD 1080p

60 inch full HD and 3D plasma screens for hire full HD 1080p

       LCD or LED Screen Hire TV London

 Plasma & LCD Hire  –  Plasma Screens & Stands, LCD Screens & Stands

Traditionally, We offer plasma TV rental for clients wishing to utilize them for corporate presentations; however we do cater for a diverse range of clients.

Hiring a 60 inch television hire

All our screens for hire are true 1080 HD screens and are ready for delivery across  Surrey, London and Hampshire.

Big TV Screen Plasma hire in London and Surrey for events at Earls Court, London and Olympia.  Renting TV in London hire 50″ plasma screen with stand + london

TV screen hire and stand and LCD screens in our hire department for corporate presentations, seminars or trade shows stands. Our plasma screens are available in all the usual popular sizes from 50 and 60″.

Event TV Screen Hire

At the side you will find sockets for  HDMI and VGA on most of our screens. Portrait Screen Hire. audio TV screen exhibtion stand hire

Whether you are looking to hire LED or Display Monitors for your office or need stylish, light plasma monitors, Proscreens has a big TV solution for hire.

Proscreens offer very competitive rental prices for flat screen TV throughout London, Surrey and Home counties.


p align=”center”>LCD TV screens Rental
Flat screen displays that use Liquid Crystal Displays to create the pictures. Commonly available in sizes from 14″ – 60″. Also known as TFTs (Thin Film Technology). LCD screens come in a wider range of sizes than say, plasma screens, and there is also a greater variety to choose from. They generally have a much brighter screen, pictures tend to look better under standard lighting conditions and they can often also double as a PC screen.

plasma screen hire Surrey

LED TV is actually just a development of the conventional sleek LCD flat screens we all know and love. LED TVs are basically LCD TVs with one significant difference – they use Light Emitting Diodes (LED) to backlight the screen.

TV Hire Company London TV Rental

We can supply big LCD or LED screen hire in London, Surrey and Home Counties. You will be able to display your laptop on a big TV Screen.  W8  Kensington  London W11  Flat Screen Rental Notting Hill London SW1   Westminster, Victoria, Plasma TV Rental and plasma screen hire London SW3  Plasma Screen Hire Chelsea plasma screen hire London SW5  Earl’s Court Plasma screen Rental services London SW7  Knightsbridge and South Kensington plasma screen hire London SW11 Battersea plasma or TV screen hire company local to Earls Court, London, and we are local to rent a TV Hire local to Olympia plasma screen with delivery. Local rentals London SW19 Wimbledon small to large TV screen hire London SE10  Greenwich plasma screen hire London uk av hire and TV screens Surrey London Berkshire plasma screen hire in Guildford Woking Leatherhead Chertsey Hampshire  Farnham Hire A Plasma Screen Aldershot  Ripley  Dorking Camberley TV Screen Hire Redhill Ashtead Epsom TV screens in and around London sandown plasma screens, LCD screens.

TV rental London services

Our TV screen hire service lets you in on a seamless plasma and LED TV screen experience. London Proscreens only chooses the best plasma TV screen units available and offers a sharp quality regardless of your viewing distance.With our plasma screen hire, you are guaranteed for an excellent viewing experience at your events, leaving your guests fully entertained. hiring large display screens for sporting

If you are looking for the latest in LCD TV screens for rental or hire in Surrey or London, then we can help. Do you want to stand out from the crowd, Why not consider large flat screen screen LCD television rentals? We have a range of LCD TV rental options that suit a number of occasions and we can deliver within London and Surrey and Hampshire

Think about what you want to hook up to the TV you need to Hire.

Video inputs determine what type of peripheral devices you can hook up to your TV.

    • Composite video is a standard minimum type of connection, which uses a yellow RCA jack for picture and a white and red RCA jack for stereo sound.
    • S-Video allows you to send component analog video through a multipin socket. No audio is included in this connection
    • HDMI is the standard for high definition displays, and necessary for connecting Blu-ray players, HD satellite or TV and DVD players that can upscale DVDs to high definition screen specifications.
    • Some newer models also offer USB and other inputs for viewing images on your computer, digital camera or other digital devices.
  • The dongle for internet access on your actual television screen can take up a fair bit of room at the back of the TV, so if this is something you want, keep it it in mind.

Big Plasma TV screen Hire London W8 Kensington plasma screen Rentals Services London W11  Notting Hill plasma screens or TV  LCD screen plasma screen hire with stand  computer plasma screen hire  plasma displays plasma screen hire London SW1   Westminster, Victoria, Pimlico and plasma screen hire London SW3  Chelsea plasma screen hire London SW5  Earl’s Court screen hire London plasma screen hire London SW7  Knightsbridge and South Kensington plasma screen hire London SW11 Battersea.

Plasma screen hire company local to Earls Court, London Olympia London TV Rental. Plasma Screen Hire London Plasma 3D LCD LED TV Screen Rent Hire Rental plasma screen hire London

Smart TV Hire

Smart TV hire offers a number of “internet connected services” that normal televisions can’t offer. It has the equivalent of a computer built into it, giving you a greater number of services. These televisions offer apps, media streaming, web browsing, games and, perhaps most importantly, Internet Protocol Television (IPTV). IPTV is a specific type of internet video standard, but is now also used as shorthand for any video streamed via the internet to a smart TV on stand for hire. It can take the form of short clips or continuous “live” channels. Smart TVs for hire let you access apps, browse the web and stream internet video also can connect to a Latop with VGA and HDMI. Also all TVs have USB. it is best for you to email the content 1st for us to test. LCD or Plasma Screen Hire TV London UHD TV screen Hire 

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