Panasonic Laser

Panasonic PT RW630 Laser-Projector, 6.000 ANSI, 1.280×800 WXGA, 10.000:1, DLP

Brightness: 6000 ANSI Lumen
Technology: DLP
Resolution: 1200×800
Contrast: 10000:1

Panasonic Laser Projector Hire

The Panasonic projector Hire PT RW630 L/B/W features 6000 ANSI lumens brightness. This high brightness makes it ideal for your events, conferences and installations. It is predestined for projections at trade fairs or in galleries and theatres. But it is also resilient for demanding tasks such as public viewing and permanent installations.

Panasonic projector hire

The Barco native WXGA resolution of 1200×800 pixel at an aspect ratio of 16:10 guarantees the crispest and most detailed images available in the market today. Its nearly 2.3m pixels at work will ensure that you enjoy movies, Blu-rays, games, and TV series in full resolution. This is the highest resolution available. It doesn't get better than this!

The projector works on Texas Instruments' DLP technology. DLP technology stands for high contrast ratios and great luminosity, as well as a compact and light design.

Also the Panasonic PT RW630 L/B/W has the Edge Blending feature making it suitable for multi- projections.

Ultra wide angle lens we are able to fly a projector that can fit near enough under the screen in some circumstances


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