Outside Hire outside mobile screens hire is one of a kind. We can offer large outdoor Projection inflatable screens and Outdoor LED Screens for outside events and film screenings or sporting events, high-quality visuals, and outstanding sound systems depending on your needs.

Mobile outdoor screens hire can be hired for private or public screenings just about anywhere in the UK.
Imagine watching a film in the great outdoors or a big hall projected on a big screen with cinema visual and sound quality. pop up cinema

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Mobile outdoor screen hire which can be hired for private or public screenings just about anywhere in uk.
Imagine watching a film in the great outdoors or in a big hall projected on a big screen with cinema visual and sound quality for outdoor cinema hire airscreen uk hire

It is ideal for social club events, pubs, corporate functions, festivals. community screenings, weddings, parties,  pubs and even camp sites. .

Proscreens outside screen hire. 8m x 4m open-air inflatable screen 

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Proscreens offers a range of outside services for public or private screenings and can be hired just about anywhere in the U.K. Can you imagine watching a film in the great outdoors, projected on a big cinema-sized screen with cinema visual and quality? An ideal choice for many events such as: social club events, corporate functions, community cinema and film festivals, parties and weddings.
Our magnificent outside screens and projectors are the perfect solution for any event and a guaranteed show stopper for trade fairs, exhibitions, conferences and seminars.
Proscreens can provide a long-term or a short-term service, installing and supplying projection equipment and supporting products.
Our team can provide technical support in selecting the right services for your event.

Outdoor screen hire. We cover throughout the UK for films displays and events airscreen uk hire

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Our outside screens services have proven to be a great hit amongst people who have organised large outdoor events and want their events to be extra special.  

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Outdoor LED screens can sometimes suffer from having narrow viewing angles caused by what we call the louver or mask that is fitted over the LED to aid with shading from the sun etc.

All LED's produced in hour one go into one pot, all from hour two into another pot and so on and so on until you end up with pots or bins of LED produced from each hour all separated out. They then go into a further refining process or thinning out where they will take an led or number of leds from each bin to use to populate each individual LED cabinet – note that each individual cabinet say on a 4.8mm product requires approximately 10,816 individual LEDs.

It can be done, we can come close to matching, but it will not be perfect and if the content has lots of white contained in it, it will show up like a sore thumb. Avoid this at all cost.

3.9mm ; Outside Screen Hire HD 1920 x 1080 – 15 x 8 Config – 120 panels – 7.5m x 4m (30m2)
4.8mm : Full  Screen HD 1920×1080 – 18×10 Config – 180 Panels – 9m x 5m (45m2)
6mm : Outside Screen Hire HD 1920 x 1080 – 24 x 13 Config – 312 Panels – 12m x 6.5m (180m2)

All LED screens Hire require a good quality scaler and always have in your mind that content is king.

Good quality content from a good source, running through a good scaler will always look good on an LED screen. Outside Screen Hire

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