A we have a long-standing relationship with many schools throughout the UK.

we offer indoor and outdoor solutions for PTA fundraisers and special events for schools. Our equipment is completely safe and reliable the is a rear projection screen and the projector will go behind the screen there for all the cables are well away from the little hands.

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Screen Hire Southend
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School fundraiser cinema event

We can turn your school hall and school field into a cinema for the day great opportunity to sell cinema tickets and make funds for the PTA events

School Hall Cinema package
If your school hall has a stage we put the screen on the front of the stage in the projector behind it and the speakers to the left and right on the stage everything technical and electrical is behind the screen away from little hands.  makes it a safe environment. We have different sizes of screens depend on your school environment please call for advice

London Outdoor Screen Hire
20ft screen hire

Outdoors school cinema we use two different technologies one technology is an inflatable completely air sealed so no continuous pumps running.
The downside of the inflatable screen it needs to be dark and in summer sometimes it does not get dark until 10:30 p.m.

Daytime LED screens
LED screen trailers I completely sealed the generator is concealed within the case of the trailer the screen pops out the top the LED trailer can be used during the day also has speakers connection to laptops and and can receive television signals

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