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Outdoor LED in all sorts of shapes and sizes and generally, it makes the head turn.  we strive to turn seemingly impossible ideas into reality. We are competitive, knowledgeable, and used to working in challenging environments. We hire outdoor LED hirer and indoor LED Screens we also stock LED trailers and Trucks A company LED Screens 

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At today's sports events spectators demand the complete experience. Our high-resolution outdoor LED screens ensure that fans don't miss a thing while action replays add to the excitement. On-screen messages can help to keep your crowd informed while advertising can often cover the cost of the screen. Our screens can be deployed on almost any site and competitive rates make them a great addition to your team.


The LED screen can be rotated 360 degrees and is fully controllable with a internal control room equipped with heating and air conditioning.

We have the widest range of high-resolution LED modular walls for day or night, in both indoor and outdoor environments. In the series of our product range, we are also sourcing and supplying an extensive array of Outdoor Full Color LED screens.

Banking on our years of experience, we have gained expertise in  supplying and hiring an extensive range of outdoor LED  screen for films and outside display boards.

When it comes to renting an LED screen the trailer has an 8m SMD LED display.  It is high brightness and can be used for outdoor open events  and stadium daytime events as well as during the evening. With IP65 rating it can withstand against most weathers.  The system is able to operate perfectly in most weather (rain or even snow) or climate (from extreme cold to extreme heat), while the operator remains comfortable in  the control room inside. Our list of audio visual services is constantly expanding and currently includes: The Trailer mounted LED Screen for outside.  It is on a hydraulic lift that raises the display 13 ft off the trailer and it is on a turntable that allow the Screen to turn 360 degree turning of the sign when in the down or up position. It is self contained and can be run from a  generator or can use grid power. Equipped with stereo speakers and full screen for film shows or displays outside . Available exclusively from . LED Screen Hire, The LED Screen hire is used for a range of outdoor events , Photo Shoots, Drive-in-Cinema


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