LED Modular Screen Panels Hire

Modular Screen Panels Hire

The modular digital LED screens allows any screen size or configuration to be created. The modules are available in a variety of sizes and also in a variety of pixel pitches. Display innovations supplies, installs and offers support and maintenance for digital LED screens for a variety of applications. The LED screens are available with a pixel pitch from only 2mm upwards depending upon the viewing distance and we will advise on the most appropriate pitch for your application. We will also design, produce and install any supporting structures that may be needed to safely mount the LED screens according to the application.

To give you some indication here of standard sizes based on a full HD screen, remember this is for modular screen and shows the relationship of pixel pitch/ Screen resolution and physical size.

3.9mm ; Full HD 1920 x 1080 – 15 x 8 Config – 120 panels – 7.5m x 4m (30m2)
4.8mm : Full HD 1920×1080 – 18×10 Config – 180 Panels – 9m x 5m (45m2)
6mm : Full HD 1920 x 1080 – 24 x 13 Config – 312 Panels – 12m x 6.5m (180m2)

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Mobile LED Display Hire

 The cabinet is made of steel material or aluminum material. They are also the most common outdoor Screen hire  products. Our modules are used high quality SMD LED (gold bonding wire with big LED chip) with stable driving IC

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Viewing Distance : In the early days, the rule of thumb was calculated on 1metre of distance for every millimetre of pixel pitch.
So, a 3.9mm screen would require first row of audience to be at least 3.9metres away, this now not the case with the newer screens, on average it can now be as little as 0.5m of distance per millimetre of screen pixel pitch.

Batching / Manufacturing : I am going to lightly touch on this as it is quite complex and can have a direct bearing on how some screens look. Batching refers to the production run by the LED manufacturers, you often hear of companies saying they have upwards of 200sqm of screen available all from the same batch run, not true.

The average batch of LED’s produced to fully populate a run of Led cabinets max’s out between 100-120sqm, screen manufacturers can get round this by asking the Led producer to run the production line for longer, this then leads onto another process called ‘Binning’

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