Film and Television

We spend a lot of time working in studios for films and TV Shoots. We are used to setting up screens on stages and projection for backdrops for Film and TV.  We are lucky enough to work with many TV and film production companies supplying different aspects for their days shoot.  We have supplied projector and screens for back drop projections replacing the green for a more realistic feel.  The back drop projection screen allows the actors to realistically react with the environment and allows the camera to see the reflection of the back drop of their face and in their eyes.

Film and Television

Video Playback

We have also supplied studios like Shepperton, Pinewood and Leavesden with stage, sound and lighting equipment and microphones for playback and for the set.  is a regular visitor to well know TV series like Midsommer Murders, Downton Abbey and many other film and TV productions.  Our service has been called upon by directors looking to  make an authentic look like and old cinema.  Proscreens can design and make projection screens for the film location.

we have a large stock of and lenses, we also stock hippo media servers, Avolites AI servers, Catalyst media server. digital lighting, answitchers, optical cable and cat 5 video distribution systems all for hire or as part of an integrated turnkey projection solution or package