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Christie CP2308 DCP

CP2308 is a full-featured, Series 3, DCI-compliant projector. Fully-compatible with third-party IMBs, the CP2308 gives customers flexibility. Built-in automation HDMI 1.4 Up to 9,000 DCI lumens | 10,000 native lumens Size Up to 35ft (10.67m) @ 1.0 screen gain

DCP projector Hire DCP

Cinemascope Laser DLP Projector

In its simplest form, Digital Package or more commonly known as a DCP could be seen as the digital version of a 35mm film print. Its main advantage is that you can present it to theaters to enable them to project it via a digital projector. A digital cinema Package is recognized and accepted all over the world.

Digital Package (DCP) is a collection of digital files used to store and convey digital cinema (DC) audio, image, and data streams. … The composition consists of a Composition Playlist (in XML format) that defines the playback sequence of a set of Track Files.  We rent: digital cinema both 2K and 4K, digital servers, sound processors (for digital and/or 35mm projection Digital cinema projection services, rentals for indoor and outdoor major Cinema events Well, you can just open a DCP. mxf files with the VLC player. BUT — you must test the video and audio SEPARATELY! … AND with this method you can AT LEAST see how’s your DCP video looking — is it exported with the correct aspect ratio and quality or are the colors correct

Customer review for DPC

As discussed on the phone this morning, I wanted to say a huge thank you to Corinne and David for all their work at our Chaplin event at Wilton’s Music Hall on the 7th July. I would have written earlier but I had to travel to Spain for my goddaughter’s first communion.

I was very anxious about the DPD projection but Corinne and David made everything run very smoothly and went above and beyond to accommodate our requests. The film looked beautiful and the event was just wonderful, but could not have been possible without them so please pass on this message to them. Hopefully, we can work together at other future events.