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DCP Cinema projector hire

Christie CP2308 DCP

CP2308 is a full-featured, Series 3, DCI-compliant projector. Fully-compatible with third-party IMBs, the CP2308 gives customers flexibility. Built-in automation HDMI 1.4 Up to 9,000 DCI lumens | 10,000 native lumens Size Up to 35ft (10.67m) @ 1.0 screen gain

DCP projector Hire Hire

Cinemascope Laser DLP Projector

In its simplest form, Digital Cinema Package or more commonly known as a DCP could be seen as the digital version of a 35mm film print. Its main advantage is that you can present it to theaters to enable them to project it via a digital projector. A digital cinema Package is recognized and accepted all over the world.

Digital Cinema Package (DCP) is a collection of digital files used to store and convey digital cinema (DC) audio, image, and data streams. … The composition consists of a Composition Playlist (in XML format) that defines the playback sequence of a set of Track Files.  We rent: digital cinema both 2K and 4K, digital cinema servers, sound processors (for digital and/or 35mm projection Digital cinema projection services, rentals for indoor and outdoor major Cinema events Well, you can just open a DCP. mxf files with the VLC player. BUT — you must test the video and audio SEPARATELY! … AND with this method you can AT LEAST see how’s your DCP video looking — is it exported with the correct aspect ratio and quality or are the colors correct