School Events

School cinema events

During our winter spents lot of time in schools showing films like Christmas films Halloween films.

Showing films in school can be a great fundraiser simple but effective.
At proscreens we have a system we take into schools to show films the system is tailor-made for health and safety the projector is placed behind the which keeps all electrical equipment away from the pupils., below is some video images of our mobile cinema solution for schools

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Starwars screen Hire

School outdoor cinema

Schools outdoor cinema we have a couple of different solutions for schools outdoor cinemas one solution is a outdoor inflatable screen but the problem with this one it needs to be dark which is not really kid-friendly in the summer months because it does not get dark until 10. September can be a little bit difficult with the weather.

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The other technology is a daytime LED screen daytime LED screen is self-powered so all the technical elements of the screen are within the trailer. The LED screen is not affected by daylight it is happy to run throughout the day and even get wet. The daytime LED screen is powered by a 3-phase generator you can use the screen to do multiple showings throughout the day day.

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Outside Screen Hire for Schools
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 Because Schools love the outdoor movie nights that seem to be popping up all over the country at stately homes and other special venues, we've put together some screen packages that will help you plan your own version of a school outdoor this summer term.

School cinema tips

Have a wet weather contingency plan – will you cancel, postpone or hold the cinema in the hall?
Access to toilets – will there be security or safety issues if the school building is open or outside toilets with lighting 
Where will the power come from? Will extension leads are enough  cinema or do you need a generator and the safety of power at schools

Make sure you have plenty of seating for people to use.
Will you need to provide lighting for the walk off the field?
 screen hire, , and sound systems – get a size that suits the size of your audience. 
Are you going to do any other fundraising activities on the night – such as selling sweets and popcorn?
Check with the caretaker when the grass will be mowed – you want it to be recently cut but not on the day of the event otherwise the cuttings will be wet.
Can you get sponsorship for the program and an image on the screen before the film starts?
Start advertising the event early – we recommend a 2 months time as a minimum and tell people what they need to bring.
Don't forget your risk assessment.
Consider how you will make it accessible for everyone. Do you need to provide some seating on level ground?
Set up a clear up party for the next morning to remove any rubbish left on the field – call for volunteers on Classlist. Bribe them with a bacon buttie.

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