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We have been supplying outdoor cinema hire since 2004.  We are probably one of the longest-standing outdoor cinema and LED screen hire suppliers in the UK.  With this, technology has moved on and we supply only the best sealed outdoor  AIRSCREENS.  Our AIRSCREENS are the airtight model so on noisy fan continuously running.  Once inflated they stay up.  Being that we have been in the industry so long we have put together packages that both work efficiently and safely.  In the early days, we used to use a framed screen which we wouldn`t recommend because of health and safety and the wind. Generally, the outdoor cinema setup consists of the inflatable screen which is rear projection.  Rear outdoor projection means that the projector is run from behind the screen ticking all the boxes for health and safety.  Ideally, the projector runs from the back of the van if access is available. We are very lucky to have regular customers throughout the UK who use our outdoor cinema solution year in year out

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Mobile Outdoor screen hire which can be hired for private or public screenings just about anywhere in UK.
Imagine watching a film in the great Outdoor screen hire or in a big hall projected on a big screen with cinema visual and sound quality. pop up cinema Outdoor screen hire.

Mobile outdoor Inflatable screen hire which can be hired for private or public screenings just about anywhere in uk.
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Hire We can change your field or and School hall into a Cinema screens, projectors and sound. # set up mobile cinema for different locations throughout and the uk.

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Outdoors  screen Hire

has always been at the cutting edge of and outdoor screen hire . We have a lot of different options to suit most events . We have two types of technology for outdoor screens . We have the common outdoor inflatable screens which are projection screens which can only run when it is dark although some companies say dusk we say totally dark. It is especially important when showing a film with an intro that is quite dark like Mamma Mia . The outdoor inflatables do have their downsides such as they don’t like windy conditions or like getting wet or damp . If the inflatable screens get wet or damp the image can become distorted . If very windy it would have to come down .

LED Outdoor Screen Hire
The LED screen is very versatile for events . The screen is happy to run day and night and can withstand the weather better than the inflatable screens . In wind it can be lowered down on its specialised lifting gear and it is happy to get wet . Essentially an LED screen is made up of modular panels although the are a set size we are able to make a screen of a different size . Also we have other equipment that we can supply with the screens such as staging and audio for bands , singers, cabaret etc so offers a complete solution for any outdoor event from concept to completion . We are located just outside London and we travel throughout the UK.

We provide outdoor Cinema projector rental equipment and services anywhere in the UK. Indoor & outdoor Cinema screening events.  We are professional and friendly – feel free to give us a call for your projector and screen rental.  outside cinema screenings are one of a kind. We are able to offer large screens , very high quality  visuals and outstanding sound systems depending on your needs.
Our outside screening services have proven to be a great hit  for people who have organised large parties and want their events to be extra special.  Mobile outdoor screen hire which can be hired for private or public screenings just about anywhere in uk.

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Imagine watching a film in the great outdoors or in a big hall projected on a big screen with cinema visual and sound quality. pop up cinema