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LED Trailer Screen Hire

is a perfect choice when you need a Screen to work in the daytime and in direct sunlight outside. Our outdoor LED trailers are so versatile. They are used for so many different events from sitting in a street for information and advertising to outdoor cinema screens and outside events. The LED trailer is totally self-sufficient.

Mobile LED screen Hire

The screen can take multiple inputs and has an onboard generator and basic 2 speaker ,  Blu-ray player and media player. The outdoor LED screen can be a relay screen for cameras or big events. During the summer the screen is on tour for holiday parks, schools and colleges. The screen is on a hydraulic lift so the screen can be lifted behind a set or a .  The screen can move on the truck and rotate 360 degrees allowing the trailer to get into tight spaces but the screen is still pointing in the right direction.

LED Screen truck Hire
SCreen hire for outdoor Cinema
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Screen Trailer Hire

Outside LED Screen Trailer Hire

One person needed
Can be ready in 25 minutes
Easy to use
Easy transport
Automated loading
Ready-made solutions


Mobile LED Screen Hire 

LED Screen Trailer Hire provide a cost-effective outside Screen solution with a versatile footprint and high degree of manoeuvrability. 

Our LED trailers are particularly great at sports events, keeping a clear track of any game going on so your fans don’t miss a single minute. With the flexibility of being mobile makes this an ideal visual display for all and any sports fans.

LED Trailer Hire

The LED Trailer Hire is equipped with numerous modifications like rotating lifts, tri-fold super-wide screens and outside sound system. We can easily adapt them to your unique use case. listens to your screen needs, then we cater a build with those specifications. Sizes can also vary based on desired number of screens as well as plan of use. Not only are our trailers feature-rich, but they can endure a variety of harsh weather conditions from desert heat to rain-filled days. Their sturdy builds ensure that they will survive transport to a different city or a different state.

Outdoor LED Screen Hire

Our LED trailer hire are durable and road ready for whatever roads you choose to take it on.