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was one of the first mobile cinemas in the UK and is still operating today.  We off Mobile Screen Hire offer a range of services for public or private screenings and Kids home Cinema parties and can be hired just about anywhere in the U.K. Cinema screen and HD Cinema projector systems. Our magnificent screens and are the perfect solution for any event. Hire a Big Screen with audio and projection equipment. Proscreens  provides you with a variety of portable projector screen hire options. We offer mobile fast fold projection screens from the industries leading.  We are able to create experiences using the latest cinema technology and for older films we use and blu ray players / media systems.  Over the years our mobile cinema systems have been used to create unique cinema events and been used for film shoots where we have created a temporary cinema atmosphere and supplying village halls on regular basis with monthly film shows.  Right down to the occasional kids parties.

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We’re passionate about Mobile and films and Cinema Events and we’re passionate about showing every film to the highest possible standards and crystal clear screen image and sound

We can provide screen sizes from 6ft to 40ft with a choice of from 35mm cinema projectors or HD digital projection and UHD. We can supply Cinema Sound systems from basic left and right to full cinema surround sound system hire. We cover Throughout The Uk for our service. We can supply Mobile cinema equipment for small simple home Kids pop-up cinema party and schools. to Full HD mobile cinema and film festivals and Cinemas

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Mobile experience.  we offer big Cinema screen hire for events Schools and village halls Touring Cinema Company. care homes and community centres,

temporary cinemas are popping up to show films in village halls and schools.  It is a great fundraiser with firms like offering a mobile equipment hire service.  travel throughout the UK temporary cinema equipment for both indoors

We bring you real Mobile cinema, and screen films especially for you, inside or out of doors.

No matter how big your audience, we can help. Whether you want to enliven a community celebration, screen a new title pre-release at a special location, or create new audiences and markets to grow your organisation, film is the perfect medium.

If you’ve never seen a film screened out of doors, or thrilled to a drive-in, you don’t know what you’ve missed. You and your audience can relax at an evening picnic followed by a film, a film beneath the stars or snuggled into your car. And of course, we’re equally happy to screen films indoors.

There’s no need to wait for a film to come out on DVD. If it’s been released at a cinema (and sometimes even before), Mobile can show it.

This site is designed to show you what’s mobile is possible and how simple it is. The rest is up to you.

We have been working in location and outdoor for 25 years, and have supplied and designed kit for almost all of the UK’s drive in and event-cinema operators. From setting up cinema  we have the experience to make your event or installation sparkle, and the back up to do so without stress or sweat. We have a custom range of 35mm and 70mm projection systems for events and galleries, E and Digital projection kits and our own range of inflatable screens. Importantly, our kits come with everything you need to get you up and running with no special knowledge.