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Ashtead Mobile Cinema Hire

Proscreens mobile cinema hire full HD mobile cinema and a 15ft screen. This event was at St Georges Christian Centre, Barnett Wood Lane, Ashtead in #surrey 5500 ANSI Full HD projector and mackie sound system  and QSC sound system mobile cinema hire. Cinema screen hire UK. We can provide screen sizes from 6ft to 40ft with a choice of projectors from 35mm cinema projectors or digital projection and inflatable screen. We can supply portable cinema Sound systems from basic left and right to full cinema surround sound systems


Mobile Cinema Hire

We can supply all aspects of AV hire, Projectors, Projection Screen Hire and PA equipment hire sound

Ashtead  Bletchingley, Bookham , Box Hill, Bramley, Brockham Leatherhead Great Bookham Epsom

Ashtead is a village in the Metropolitan Green Belt of Surrey, England

Proscreens offer a range of mobile cinema hire services for public or private screenings and Kids home Cinema parties and can be hired just about anywhere in the U.K. Can you imagine watching a film in the great outdoors, projected on a big screen with cinema visual and sound system.  An ideal choice for many events such as: social club events, corporate functions, community cinema and film festivals, parties and weddings. Kids home Cinema parties
Our magnificent screens and projectors are the perfect solution for any event and a guaranteed show stopper for trade fairs, Schools, Village halls and community Events and Schools .
Proscreens can provide a long term Mobile cinema hire of  short term Cinema hire service, installing and supplying Cinema screen equipment and supporting products.
Our team can provide technical support in selecting the right projector and screen hire services for your event. let us make a impact on your next Cinema event

Proscreens helped  to set up an Essex community cinema group


The villagers are aiming to put the fun back into a night at the movies by setting up their own community cinema Proscreens were happy to show the community cinema group how to setup a screen, projector.  We also lent them a screen and projector to get them started.


Thank you so much for the support you have offered us, let alone the expert advice we received today.

It is such a lovely thing when you meet genuinely lovely people and in your company we have struck very lucky.

We can’t thank you enough for the equipment, help and enthusiasm you have shown us.

Anytime you and your family want to come to Coggeshall for a cinema experience you are always welcome, let us know in advance so we can save the best seats and chill your favourite tipple! – All free of charge for you of course! A million thank yous!

Speak soon.

Victoria & Rhyanneth

Essex av hire

Chelmsford, Basildon, Romford, Southend, Colchester, Harlow, Brentwood, West Ham, Witham

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35mm Film Projector Hire


At Proscreens we still have 35mm cinema projectors for hire. The 35mm projector was common in every cinema throughout the country for over a century. Now with the new Digital projection technology, 35mm projectors are a thing of the past. Here at Proscreens we still have a few that are able to run films or as props .  All our old Cinema projectors have been used on a film shoot or a TV commercial. Maybe you have some 35mm film print that needs running or a film is not available on DCI digital Cinema Projectors only on 35mm?  At Proscreens we have the capability to hire projectors with long playing systems (Tower ) and Dolby Digital sound systems.

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At Proscreens we’ve had the pleasure of working with film companies and TV companies and cinemas using our 35mm machines and projectionist services.  We are able to hire you the right vintage projector for your era or the right projector for screen size required.

We can offer a realm of vintage and modern cinema equipment from our “Aladdin’s Cave” of stock accumulated over many years for use as props – all in full working order.

35mm Cinema Film Projector Hire

35mm (2.35 / 1.85 / 1.66 / 1.37:1)

e.g. Spools, Cans Splicers,  Projectors and old films

16mm – 35mm – 70mm
Screen with Front and Rear Projection.

35MM Projectors – 1k to 7k Xenon, supplied to any location.

16mm and 35mm portable projectors hire.

35mm portable projector hire

Video projection – 1k to 5k, supplied to and location.

35mm Cinema film projectors for hire

film projectors for hire film

Film Facts

35mm film projectors travels at 90 feet per minute, 24 frames (still pictures) per second (fps)
or, if you prefer, 1.5 ft per second
Each foot of film consists of 16 frames
Just over 1.022 miles of film is projected per hour

This means that 1440 frames are shown every minute from a 35mm projector, or 86400 frames per hour with a 35mm projector and tower or cake stand

35mm Cine Equipment hire

The period of time required to move one frame away from the aperture, and bring the next frame in is
1/96 second

During this period of movement the light from the arc is cut off by use of a revolving shutter
If the light was not cut of during this movement then you would observe streaking (ghosting) on the screen caused
by the pull down movement being projected

The film is then stationary, and the light is allowed to shine through the film, and project onto
the screen

During this stationary time the light is again cut off for another 1/96th second by a second blade
on the shutter

This uprates the flicker from 24 to 48 times a second (hertz)

The reason that the light is cut off twice is that if it was only cut 24 times per second there
would be noticeable flicker on the screen

By cutting it off 48 times this flicker is not noticed, except on very, very bright scenes

This is why the shutter is often called ‘The Flicker Shutter’

The film frame is actually only projected onto the screen for 1/32nd of a second
For a more detailed explanation please click HERE
Return To Flicker Shutter Photograph

16mm projectors runs at 24 fps, a speed of 36 feet per minute, or 40 frames per foot

To find running time of 16mm film projector divide the film length in feet by 36
This will give the minutes as a whole number and a decimal
Make a note of the whole number, and multiply the decimal by 60 to get seconds
Add this total to the whole number

For example
The running time for 374ft of 16mm
374 divide by 36 = 10.388
0.388 X 60 = 2328
Running time = 10mins 23secs

Our vintage 35mm cinema projectors are used for props for film and TV sets. We have Cinema projectors from the 1940. All the vintage projectors are in good working order and can run films

Mobile Cinema Screen Hire

Cinema at Buckhurst Hill
Mobile Cinema Screen Hire
Mobile cinema
Cinema cotswolds
Cinema Events
20ft screen hire

Proscreens UK no1 Mobile cinema screening service and Outdoor Mobile Cinema that includes hiring of equipment and Projectionist. mobile outdoors and indoor cinema hire which can be hired for private or public screenings just about anywhere in the uk. Imagine watching a film in the great outdoors or in a big hall projected on and big screen with cinema quality is ideal for social club events, pubs, corporate functions, community cinema festivals Mobile Cinema Hire. Mobile cinema hire is ideal for fundraisers, functions and events and can be set-up wherever you like. So why not turn your local school or hall into a unique Mobile cinema.  We can also supply good quality cinema sound systems and HD projectors to suit different settings.We have lots of screen sizes to choose from,  6ft screens to 40ft screens available.  All mobile cinema systems are tailored to your event , film and budget. Mobile Community Cinema has become popular over the years and is a good fundraiser. We can supply you with all the equipment  you will need to run a cinema event  and we would be happy to stay and run the film for you.  Proscreens Mobile Cinema provides a unique event, bringing the cinema to you. pop up cinema hire 

We can change your home or the office or village hall into a Mobile cinema for the day or night with lots of screens for hire, projectors and sound systems to choose from .   

Mobile Cinema for kids parties has become popular over the years.  Also Mobile cinema can be a good fundraiser. We can supply you with all the equipment you will need and we would be happy to stay and run the films if required. Proscreens Mobile Full HD Mobile Cinema



Mobile Cinema

We’re passionate about Mobile Cinema hire and films and Cinema Events.We cover Throughout The Uk for our Mobile Cinema hire service. We can supply Mobile cinema equipment for small simple home Kids pop-up cinema party and schools. to Full HD Mobile cinema and film festivals and Cinemas Screen hire.we’re passionate about showing every film to the highest possible standards and crystal clear screen image and soundWe have options for both Indoors and Outdoors

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