We still stock and hire 16mm cine and  35mm film . The 35mm projector was common in every cinema throughout the country for over a century. Now with the new Digital projection technology, 35mm projectors are a thing of the past. Today they're used on film shoots or TV commercials. Maybe you have some 35mm film that needs running or a film is not available on digital

16mm – 35mm – 70mm

16mm 35mm Film projectors are also still being used in some film shoots, for screening old films and also for viewing. 16mm projectors are also popular for showing vintage films in themed events. with Front and Rear Projection.

35MM Projectors – 1k to 7k Xenon, supplied to any location.

16mm and 35mm portable projectors hire.

Video projection – 1k to 5k, supplied to and location.