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Conference equipment hire Are you looking for AV technical team and equipment you can work with at your next conference?  For the last 20-years, Proscreens has been responsible for supplying conference equipment for many conferences for the NHS and for events like Windsor Castle and for many other companies across Surrey, kent, and Hampshire. We offer a complete package with screens, , TV screens and microphones. Backed with on-site technical support. Our small family business means that everything is prepped in time and in good working order. Our conferencing equipment is ideal for small office presentations or big announcements that companies need to make to employees. We have 20 years of experience in the conferencing hire industry.  We are completely passionate and discrete in what we do. We fully understand that some conferences and meetings are sensitive. We provide a comprehensive service which covers everything from screen, sound,stage, lectern and lighting.

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Whether you need advice on a conference or require a quotation, then please get in touch with us. Please provide as much information as you can about your event.  This will speed up us being able to give you a firm quote.

Conference support Hire

We work hard at relationships with clients and delegates, to put them at ease with the whole production, from microphones to projectors, to ensure that every goes according to plan without unnecessary stress. Our extensive stocks include; Sound – PA Hire, Microphone Hire, Speaker Hire. Vision in London, TV Hire, Stage and Conference Set Hire, Lectern Hire, The business offers specialised Audio Visual hire services to customers, meeting any technical requirement for any event. With an extensive product stock, the business also has expert staff to advise and support thus enabling customers to create that event that they desire

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We don't use couriers to get your equipment to you, instead we use our own technical staff who can help you setup the equipment thereby leaving you to concentrate on your presentation.  Whether you're holding a local meeting in London for a few colleagues, or organizing an international conference at Heathrow Proscreens can provide you with a professional, effective screen and microphone hire solution.

We realize that everyone has different needs. With Proscreens you choose the support required. You can decide on any level of input from simply hiring the equipment to full assistance with your presentation.

If you are organizing an AGM or a conference our packages are very easy to use and is completely ‘'plug & play''….. Our projectors have auto input sense so you won't need to worry about trying to configure your laptop to work alongside these projectors….our tripod fold out in around 2mins and are fully user adjustable, the active PA system can be setup in around 5 mins and all you have to do is plug your microphone straight into the back and turn it up…. It really is as simple as that.

Conference Sound Hire


organizing a conference

Sound is an essential aspect of any presentation. We can supply audio mixers, speakers, amplifiers, laptops, microphones, and crew communications. Depending on your requirements, we can provide everything from a basic PA system to a major installation.”

I added commas after each item in the list to enhance readability. If you have any specific questions or if you'd like further assistance, feel free to let me know!

We understand that organizing a conference can be stressful with organizing all the delegates, sorting the venue, dealing with Presenters etc. Why not contact us to see how we can help with the Audio Visual Hire and Technical aspects of your next Conference?

We are at home lighting, designing, and staging all manner of corporate events. Whether a televised award ceremony in Park Lane or a Gala Dinner in the Guildhall we have the experience to excel.

If you have a car launch, a film premier in the West End or a Sales Conference in the Home Counties or abroad we are happy and able to fulfill your lighting and production requirements with the minimum of fuss.

Corporate Events Equipment Hire 

From our extensive in-house stock we are able to supply and hire Stages, Lighting, Sets, Projection, and Sound reinforcement. Our skilled and competent staff are available to install and run your event production.


We offer a complete package for conferences to meet all your AV hire needs, whether for small or larger conferences. We provide everything you need, including projectors, screens, sound systems, and microphones. We understand that AV equipment might not be second nature for everybody. We work hard to build relationships with clients and delegates, putting them at ease with the entire production process—from microphones to projectors—ensuring that every presentation goes according to plan without unnecessary stress. AV Hire specializes in audio-visual equipment for presentations, meetings, and small conferences.”

These changes are subtle and aimed at maintaining a smooth flow and clarity in the text. If you have any specific preferences or questions, feel free to let me know!


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What Equipment is need for a Conference

Conference Equipment Hire. What equipment is needed for a conference or business meeting?

The amount of equipment depends on the number of people attending and how many people are speaking and what kind of presentation you are having. Is it adjust the audio presentation where you just need speakers and a microphone or an audio visual presentation where you delegates require a visual presentation on a screen.  A list at the bottom of this page will be stuff that you may need to consider using at your next conference meeting.
All audio visual equipment and screens can be expensive and with such a baffling array of digital projectors, screens, pa systems, amplifiers etc on the market, making a wrong choice can be a costly mistake. We are able to demonstrate products so you can see your vision we are able to fully support you in every stage of your project.

We offer an extensive line of reliable, state-of-the-art audio and video and related AV hire equipment. From simple projectors screens and LCD TV screens to advanced vision systems and  lighting, Proscreens provides the right AV equipment to meet any need, in any setting. Our dedicated, onsite staff use the latest audio visual technology and  We deliver audio visual equipment, set it up and then we pick it up. It's that simple. Hire the latest audio visual equipment.

for AV Hire we cove London and Surrey AV Hire projectors screens and sound av equipment hire Audio-Visual Production & Presentation Services 

  • Projection screen
  • Projectors
  • Lectern
  • Microphone
  • Lapel microphone
  • Microphone stands
  • Laptop
  • Presentation clicker
  • Speakers
  • Speaker stands
  • Sound mixer
  • Audio visual technician

We work hard at relationships with clients and delegates, to put them at ease with the whole production, from microphones to projectors, and to ensure that every presentation goes according to plan without unnecessary stress. AV hire specialises in audio visual equipment hire for presentations, meetings and small conferences. Corporate meetings audio visual equipment hire. Here at Prosceens we've had the pleasure of providing AV services for companies such as the BBC, EDF energy, The Guardian, Ebay and UK Power Networks Services along with thousands of other independent companies and corporations.

First of all – What is audio visual equipment? The answer is audio visual covers vast amounts of equipment which includes projectors for hire, pa systems hire, baton microphones hire, lapel microphones hire, lectern and microphones hire, plasma screens hire even laptops and lighting. We imagine that you already have the location of your event and that you just need to organise the AV. In order for us to give you a price and advise you of the best equipment to hire there are some details we will need to know. If it is a small presentation for 5-20 people in London that is easy, we just need to know whether you require a simple tripod screen with a projector or a plasma screen and stand ? and also whether the presentation on your laptop has sound? If it does then you will need an additional PA system to hire along with the tripod screen and projector. If you decide to go with a plasma screen then the plasma screen has a set of speakers built in although this is not very loud. Usually microphones are not required for that amount of people.

For bigger events the question will be what size screen? and what size PA system?  The size of screen will depend on the number of people viewing and obviously a bigger factor is the height of ceiling.  More is explained on our screen hire page.  The best PA system for you will depend on so many different factors, for example will the person doing the presentation like to roam around with hands free ?  If that is the case they will require a lapel mic.  They may prefer to stand at a lectern so they can refer to their notes.  In this case we can hire you a lectern and microphone.  Also will there be Q&As (questions and answers) from the audience?  In this case you will need a roaming microphone which are sometimes known as baton microphones.  Normally we prefer to supply radio microphones on microphone stands rather than a cabled microphone.  This prevents any tripping over trailing cables.


Rentals or hire specialise in short term top-quality projector hire and pa sound equipment Audio Visual Hire London Audio Visual Hire Surrey from the leading manufacturer in Surrey and London Audio visual hire oxford Audio Visual Hire Buckingham av equipment hire central London audio visual equipment hire audio visual hire

Once your needs exceed a one-to-one presentation, you might be thinking ‘conference'.
Conferences are a communication and marketing tool used by businesses and organisations of all sizes.
They must essentially convey a well thought out purpose and corporate image.
proscreens brings a wealth of experience to your important event,

advising on choice of venue,
site surveying,
designing a conference set/stage
and advising on the most appropriate technical support.
We work closely with you on all aspects of your conference to make this an event that will produce the results you need to achieve.

You will have the content of your conference programme in mind,
we will advise on how to proceed to bring this into a format that has impact.

You will need audiovisual equipment and audiovisual technicians.
If organizing a conference is fairly new to you, we are very happy to advise.
Liaison with your presenters is very important.
We will help you find your way around the maze of equipment, making sure that the appropriate equipment is supplied.

Production Rental and Event Hire.

All of our in-house stock is available for dry hire to industry professionals and companies. Call to discuss your requirements and for advice from our in-house designers.

• We carry several self-climbing ground support truss systems, stages from steel deck

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