Mobile Cinema For Kids Parties

Mobile Cinema Hire For Kids Parties. We have a number of mobile cinema packages ideal for small to large events. People have been asking us for the price of a mobile cinema solution package. The answer is there are so many different variables, the best way forward is to send us an email with as much information as you can, like the number of people viewing, whether you require HD or non-HD Projectors. We can then advise you and give you a quote. For example we have Projection Screens that are a 6′ x 4′ picture size, along with a Projector and 150w sound system which would be ideal for a kids mobile party for around about 15 kids or we have mobile cinema solutions that can cater for up to 5000 people, with surround sound

We rent equipment to show films

Kids Cinema

Kids Cinema

As we are able to offer large screen Hire with very high quality projector hire and outstanding sound systems depending on your needs.
Our outside screening services have proven to be a great hit amongst people who have organised small or large parties and want their events to be extra special.

Mobile outdoor screen hire which can be hired for private or public screenings just about anywhere in uk.
Imagine watching a film in the great outdoors or in a big hall projected on a big screen with cinema visual and sound quality.