Stage and

Over the stage platform is a medium-sized arc canopy that covers the stage decks. This stage canopy is 7 x 5 at 4 metres high in a rectangle formation that overlooks the performance area.

Along with the decks you can hire a stage backdrop that fits to the arc canopy frame to provide a closed space on stage. Along with this backdrop you will have side covers with roll up gaps for stage steps or ramps.

Our medium arc stage hire is for applications that require a larger interaction from the audience. This staging structure can be used as a secondary or main stage for small to medium music festivals but can also be used for larger events and for local and council run events that are expecting a bigger turnout.  We use quality services high end lighting and professional sound systems for all our events.


concert stage
outside Screen and Stage Hire

We have found that this stage is the chosen size for the main stage at small/medium sized festivals (1000 – 12,000 people). With the MR1 clients regularly request PA wings as an event of these sizes usually have branded banners that can be fixated around the structure.

The average MR1 stage hire usually lasts for 2-3 days which is perfect for a weekend festival and with its weather protection the show will always be on.

Litestructures small stage) is the perfect companion for public speaking. Its 4 x 3m performance area gives plenty of room for people to stand or sit while keeping the spotlight on the main spokesperson.

With Location Audio's custom design, Litestructures have created a one of a kind stage for your events.

Stage and Speaker Hire

We offer an extensive range of loud speaker hire throughout London and the rest of the UK for any stage and sound event you do. The speaker packages we offer contain multiple systems fine-tuned for your event equipment needs

You can have small compact speakers scattered throughout your conference room, designed for high/mid frequencies such as that of a spokesperson and light background music. Alternatively you can hire a full live outdoor PA system for a festival that has multiple top and mid-range speakers combined with sub-woofer bass bins to really bring out the low frequency of the live music. business that specialises in live sound production, specifically PA and stage hire. We have been providing event services for over 20 years and have learned a lot on our journey. UK leading professional Event Stage Hire, specialising in corporate events in the areas of Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Events.

stage sound hire

Stage size: 8×6 m
Internal width: 8,00 m
Overall external width: 9,06 m
Internal depth: 6,40 m
Overall external depth: 7,48 m
Clearance side: 4,43 m
Clearance middle: 5,69 m
Overall height: 5,96 m
Cantilever depth: 1,21 m
Loading Capacity

Arches: 15 kg/m
Side truss: 20 kg/m
PA load (2 x Point load at cantilever): 250 kg
Canopy & sidewalls

B1 fire retardant
Sidewall colour: black
Roof canopy colours: black or silvergrey