Screens We have in stock a wide selection of screens for hire, with sizes to cater for all types of events, Film screenings and conferences and private events. screens are an integral part of presenting crisp, bright large. Screens can be projected from the front of the or from the rear. Front projection screens are most common, while rear projection and LED  TV Screens is good for high light environments or where space is at a premium. Rear projection or TV screen maybe better for health and safety reasons as all the leads and equipment are behind the screen and away from the public. All projection screen surfaces are made of specially designed material to actually enhance your projected image.



Digital Cinema Screens Hire
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Screen Trailer Hire

Pro Screens

We hire small tripod projection to large Folding screens and screens. We have many sizes of screens to choose from. Most screens are front or rear projection.


We stock high definition professional smart plasma TV and LCD or LED screens from Samsung, Sharp and Sony including 6ft eye level stands. Our unique screen delivery system means all screens are delivered intact and ready to go. Gone the days of the customers being left with a unsightly flight case or missing parts. All screens are new which is an advantage. As all modern smart HD 1080p screens are lightweight. Which enables our technician to be able to lift them on the stands up the stairs. A Plasma screen or LCD screen is a brilliant way to display your brand, product or to educate your audience.  screens for hire av, screen, in uk