Studio and Projection Services

We has many years of experience in providing audio visual and Studio projection solutions

At Proscreens we are able to offer Studio and Cinema  projection Services from screen and projection installation rental hire and services. From a simple Screen system for your studio or a complete projection and sound equipment installation. In the past our studio services have been used for showing actors and cast new techniques on past films. Also if you are remaking a old film you might like to show the actors how it was made or how to act. Also our services have been used as a mobile preview theatre on location in Studios. We have a range of services Cinema  TV LCD screens audio Equipment hire for studios

Studio and projection Services Beaconsfield Film Studios – Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire
Screen Hire – Windsor, Berkshire
Projector Hertfordshire
Screen, London
Big Projector hire, London
Film Studios projectionist and Screens for sudios
Dragon International Film Studios – Llanilid, Wales
Ealing Studios – Ealing, London
Studio and projection Services Elstree Studios (Associated British Picture Corporation) – Borehamwood, Hertfordshireaudio Equipment hire
projection Services Elstree Studios for other facilities in the Elstree and Borehamwood area
Gainsborough Studios (formerly known as Islington Studios) – Hoxton, London
Gate Studios – Elstree, Hertfordshire audio Equipment hire
MGM-British Studios – Borehamwood  projection Services , Hertfords  audio Equipment hire
Pinewood Studios – Iver Heath, Buckinghamshire
Riverside Studios – Hammersmith, London  projection Services
Sands Films Studio– Rotherhithe, London  projection Services
screen company Shepperton Studios – Shepperton, Surrey
Twickenham Film Studios screen hire  – Twickenham, London
Walthamstow Studios – Walthamstow, London
Warner Bros. Studios, Leavesden local screen company  Hertfordshire
Wimbledon Studios – Merton, London  projection Services

We hire equipment at temporary locations for rushes, film screeing and premieres, festivals and 35mm rental

What is Digital Cinema?

Digital is the first major technological advance in film projection since the invention of motion picture technology over 100 years ago. Digital projection systems use a number of different techniques to transform bits and bytes into high-definition screen images.

Currently, there are just over 30 commercial digital projection installations, about half of which are in the U.S., and half located internationally. Texas Instruments is the current market leader in quality digital projection. JVC also has a number of cinema quality digital projection systems in commercial use and in development. Other companies such as IMAX, Panasonic, and NEC are also actively developing their own technologies, or improving upon existing ones.

projection and sound equipment installation

At this year’s ShoWest, however, Technicolor Digital Cinema (a joint venture between Technicolor and Qualcomm) announced a major financing and servicing scheme to bring the first 1000 digital projection systems to market. Boeing Satellite Systems also announced a similar plan, which will make use of their extensive satellite network for content delivery. And Kodak Digital Cinema is working a plan linked to JVC’s next generation D-ILA technology. Digital cinema hire has momentum!

Cinema Projection Services

But what can you see in digital? Hollywood films, of course. But with digital the possibilities are theoretically infinite. Can’t get tickets to your favorite group’s live show? Catch it in digital, with the best seats in the house, and sound that ROCKS! Crave a little adrenaline now and then? Check out the latest moves and daredevil stunts with our Extreme Sports presentations. cinema service company. we  are located at shepperton Studios We Hire Sound Screens and film Projection services  for film shoots