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Back in November we supplied a package for a charity gala dinner at the Dorchester Hotel.  The equipment supplied included a 7.5x10ft rear projection screen, drape kit, 5500 lumen short throw projector and lighting for the stage area.  A great evening was had by all.


We Are a London screen and event hire company we hire Lights Screens Sound and Staff for London Events and

 Cinema Screen

Cinema screens are never given much thought by the cinema customers

They only realise that there is a screen if it is dirty, or the film breaks

After all, they appear to be very simple, just a large white sheet that the film is projected onto, but they are a very important part of the projection chain

There is a large amount of technology in their design and installation

A screen is normally constructed of vinyl panels, and is known by the amount of light that it reflects back to the viewer

For a start very few screens are solid

Most have a great many small holes in them to let the sound through from the speakers mounted behind them


here are four main categories:

Matte White that reflect about 5% of the projected light

Pearl that reflect about 15% of the projected light.

Silver that reflect about 30% of the projected light

Glass beaded that reflect about 40% of the projected light

(Considering the small reflective amounts, plus the 25% of light lost on the projection porthole glass, it is a wonder that any light is seen by the audience at all. This proves the efficiency of the arc lamp, and projector optics)

Matte White is normally used only in smaller theatres of under 100 seats

Pearl & Silver are the two most common types used

Glass beaded is normally too bright, and only used in very special circumstances

To make the common Pearl or Silver screens a reflective coating is sprayed over a matte white surface

Glass beaded screens have thousands of glass beads embedded into the surface

Behind the screen there are usually three sets of loudspeakers, left – centre- right

The audio comes through the appropriate speaker

Proscreens helped  to set up an Essex community cinema group


The villagers are aiming to put the fun back into a night at the movies by setting up their own community cinema Proscreens were happy to show the community cinema group how to setup a screen, projector.  We also lent them a screen and projector to get them started.


Thank you so much for the support you have offered us, let alone the expert advice we received today.

It is such a lovely thing when you meet genuinely lovely people and in your company we have struck very lucky.

We can’t thank you enough for the equipment, help and enthusiasm you have shown us.

Anytime you and your family want to come to Coggeshall for a cinema experience you are always welcome, let us know in advance so we can save the best seats and chill your favourite tipple! – All free of charge for you of course! A million thank yous!

Speak soon.

Victoria & Rhyanneth

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