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At 10pm one night last week my CEO needed a projector in central London at 8am the next day.

I found Proscreens via Google. They had the projector, backup screen and an engineer there for 7am for what we’d have paid to courier one there and back.

And in the middle of the Olympics when other jobsworth firms weren’t prepared to go into London at all.

Excellent firm.

Wherever you are, we can provide our services .
Below is just a small selection of the towns we cover in the uk. London based AV Hire sound and projector hire with or without screens 

Projector Hire London South West – Barnes Battersea London Wimbledon in Surrey Putney Sheen Waltham Green West Brompton Chelsea
London Central -] Chelsea Mayfair Newington Paddington Rotherhithe Spitafields Westminster 

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