How to connect a Projector to a laptop.

administrator/ December 29, 2013/ #Proscreens News and Events

How to connect a Projector to a laptop.


1.Take the power cable and connect it to the projector.

2.Plug power cable in and wait for orange light to light up on top of the projector.

3.Get the VGA cable (blue connectors at either end)

4.Look on the projector for where is says “Computer in” and connect one end there.

5.Then take the other end and connect it to your laptop, the VGA socket is usually found on the left side or the back.

6.Once connected turn on the projector and then press the source button and select computer from the menu.

  1. Your laptop should then see a projector there and adjust necessary settings for use.
  2. If Windows does not detect the projector, click the Windows “Start” menu, select “Control Panel,” choose “Appearance and Personalization” and click “Connect to a Projector” under the Display section.

Problems that may occur

1.If the projector is not projecting an image after you have done all the above. You should right click anywhere on your desktop and click on (properties/Personalize) then adjust your screen resolution to fit the image you are projecting.

If you see the image your projecting is blurry, at the front of the projector there are two wheels which adjust the focus just adjust these to suit your needs.

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