Mortlake Crematorium

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Mortlake Crematorium Screens and AV services

We are a regular visitor at Mortlake Crematorium supplying screens and audio equipment for funeral services.

How we work

Mortlake screen Hire

Normally Mortlake is a very busy crematorium and it doesn`t allow much set up time between each service.  We have a very good relationship with Mortlake and we are able to get the screens around the back by the door on the left hand side ready to wheel into place just before the service.  Normally we ask the people doing the presentation to get the laptop to the crematorium with any passwords a minimum of half an hour before the service.  You also need to let us know the make of laptop you are using so we can ensure the correct leads are supplied.  Also if the photos can be in a file on the laptop and not in a cloud.  You need to ensure that you have someone to start your presentation at the right time, whether that is the celebrant or a member of the family or a friend.

OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 7am – 5pm
TEL: 02036510945
Out of hours: 07876755357

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